Saturday, December 22, 2007

She Said It, We Didn't

In her weekly blathering column in the Waukesha Freeman, McBride discusses some almost but not quite a scandal involving Arrowhead High School. Apparently, the school has some program where teachers go out into the business world for a thirty-hour externship. One teacher did data entry for the Waukesha County Democrats. Someone tipped off Belling, who talked about it. Another conservative blogger wrote about it and McBride took it and tried to run with it. She didn't get far, but she still wrote a column on it.

She even called the Hartland School System Superintendent, looking for that gotcha moment, but came away with this (emphasis mine):

I also spoke with Hartland Superintendent Craig Jefson. He’s only been in the position since July. It’s not clear who’s responsible for approving the externship, but it’s not Jefson. He spoke vaguely about "staff members."

The superintendent seemed a decent sort, partly because he called me immediately back (which us columnist types always appreciate because we have big egos), partly because he didn’t get defensive and mostly because he did the right thing fast. When he learned about the situation from talk radio, he found out that the grant hadn’t yet been paid. He ordered a stop to it.

So, to be acceptable to McBride, you just have to genuflect and pay homage. Too bad she doesn't have due cause to be so arrogant.

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