Monday, May 7, 2007

A convenient untruth

What to make of this McBride post?


Think I'm being partisan? THEY said it.

Will anyone in the MSM ask the Democrats if it bothers them? Because it really doesn't matter if we hand Al-Qaida a victory to many of the Democrats, does it.

They don't care as long as they can score political points against George W. Bush. The presence of al-Qaida in Iraq is the DEMOCRATS' inconvenient truth.

What McBride references is a video by an al-Qaida leader ridiculing the US, and saying a troop withdrawal will merely deprive al-Qaida of the chance to kill greater numbers of Americans.

Her point, perhaps, is that there are some al-Qaida terrorists in Iraq, and that the group is taking credit for some of the violence there.

Much of it, of course, is propaganda and braggadocio. Only McBride might believe that al-Qaida is running the show or playing a major role in Iraq. She may subscribe to the long-discredited theory that Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida jointly planned the 9/11 attack.

Al-Qaida fighters are in Iraq because the US invasion and occupation made it an attractive place to recruit and train terrorists. No one denies there are any al-Qaida members in Iraq. But to suggest that withdrawing from Iraq would give al-Qaida a victory is to suggest that she has no clue as to what's going on there.

She apparently has swallowed al-Qaida's boasts because, for conservatives, al-Qaida's claims are a convenient untruth that allows them to slander Democrats who want to end the war.

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