Thursday, May 3, 2007

Paul Bucher, lawyer for sale, Part 2

Talk about having it both ways.
WAUKESHA - Paul Bucher was the top prosecutor in the county when his office issued more than 100 felony charges against former insurance agent Nancy Paquette.

But when Paquette learns her fate at sentencing next month, Bucher will be sitting right beside her, having joined her defense team.

In a letter to Judge Kathryn Foster this week, Bucher said Paquette retained him last month to assist at her sentencing. Paquette, of the town of Delafield, was convicted after a trial of all the felony charges against her, which included two counts of theft, 52 counts of forgery and 52 counts of identity theft.
Do you think his days as a lock-em-up law and order politician are over? Seems like Jessica's plan to be the First Lady of Wisconsin have gone awry.

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  1. Oh, Gack. All of my filters run day and night to keep away the conjunction of Rambly McD and the Governor's manse and then you go and say it in print.

    Now I have to go think about sandpaper to scrub away that image.