Friday, May 11, 2007

"Hysterical" ... "Hilarious"

"Hysterical." "Hilarious." -- Jessica McBride.

What's she reviewing?

A report that the State Investment Board invests in and makes money on Big Oil stocks.

What's so hysterical? Well, Gov. Jim Doyle wants to tax the oil companies, see?

Hehehe. LOL!

Excuse the hilarity. Just too funny for words, isn't it?

Jessica has a low hilarity threshold. Perhaps she doesn't get out enough. It must be a laugh a minute around the McBride-Bucher household.


  1. She lacks any actual powers of debate, so everything is "laughable." I'm sure that adultery, home-wrecking, sleeping with sources. fabricating sources and doing partisan work on public time are equally "hilarious."

  2. Fabricating sources? That one, at least, is new. Provide more info, please?