Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Playing the sexism card

If you criticize a female wingnut talker, is it automatically sexist? Male wingnut talker Jeff Wagner thinks so, and comes to Jessica's defense:
I think there is a huge element of sexism in the attacks on Jessica. My guess is that listening to her radio program is the closest that a lot of her critics ever come to having a woman other than their mothers (at least one that isn't inflatable) in their homes during the evening. In other words, they are unfamiliar around and don't deal well with women.
Au contraire, Jeffrey.

It is not about having a low tolerance for women. It is about not suffering fools, and our friend Jessica is a fool of the first order.

Is it our fault that Jessica is just a tad nuttier -- and a lot more uninformed -- than Wagner and Charlie Sykes? If either of them said or wrote the ditzy kinds of things she does, they'd have their own "stalkers." Maybe Jeff's just jealous.


  1. Oh yeh, he is such a feminist.

    Of course, neither is she.

    To claim sexism, you have to believe that sexism exists. And then you have to go after it wherever it exists.

    And she has been a sexist, herself, in so many comments that it simply cannot be claimed for her now.

    Jeff, that is the way it works.

  2. I am actually glad that Jeff Wagner decided to post a link to your blog. This is how I found this blog and I think it is excellent blog. Wingnuts like Wagner are claiming that this blog is run by somebody who is jealous of Jessica and wants her job. But he would never say that all the right wing bloggers who "stalk" Eugene Kane want Kane's job and are jealous. And they bring that sex card, which is funny since that would be like saying that right wingers are racist for saying things against Eugene Kane. It is funny Wagner used the word "stalk" as if you follow her home everyday and peep through her window. When right wingers criticize other people, they are expressing their freedom of speech. When people like you have a blog that exposes the bigotry and hypocrisy of right wing person, it is stalking.

  3. W-w-w-well, you know, gosh durn it, I'm Jeff Wagner and it must be so.

    Wagner is a putz of the nth degree.

    And, I've tried to imagine getting that close to McBride. Can't do it ... nope. Not gonna happen. Get sick thinking about it.

    Besides, my wife is much cuter and far, far more intelligent.

  4. Wagner's bio says he was a U.S. Attorney. He wasn't. He was an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Big difference. Great journalists over there at WTMJ.

  5. What McBride writes, in her blog and in the newspaper, provides more than enough fodder for anyone.

    I don't know why Wagner thinks anyone would have to listen to her on radio in order to comment. I've never heard her show, and intend to go to my grave still able to say that.

  6. You're missing the fun then, Xoff.

    Tonight, she played barnyard sounds, such as chickens -- for Gene Kane who somehow found himself declining from being on her show. Go figure.

    So then she called on her callers to suggest other, quote, "loonie lefties" to be invited as guests.

    And one suggested a "theme night" of "sore losers," i.e., Clifford and Falk. To which McDitz added Peg Lautenschlager.

    But not Paul Bucher? Go figure, again.

  7. Wagner has eliminated the link to this blog on his post.

    Didn't want to expose his listeners to any criticism of poor Jessica, apparently.

  8. It's not so much stalking as it is documentig atrocities against a common language and community.