Monday, May 14, 2007

Not-so-tough questions

Jessica has some questions for the Democrats:
Will the media ask the Democrats these questions:

Al-Qaida says it's captured several American soldiers and may have just killed four other American soldiers. Do you still believe we've lost in Iraq? Do you believe we should withdraw our troops? We should just leave the American soldiers in the hands of Al-Qaida?

I'm not authorized to speak for every Democrat, but I am one, so let me try to answer those really tough questions.

1. Yes, I still believe we've lost in Iraq. If Al-Qaida really has captured several US troops and killed some more, that does not change my mind and make me think we are winning.

2. Yes, I still believe we should withdraw our troops. So do most of the people in the United States and in Iraq.

3. Of course we should not leave captured soldiers behind. We should make every effort to free them or to negotiate their release. But that has nothing to do with Questions 1 and 2.

Al-Qaida's presence in Iraq, which has certainly grown during the US occupation, is no rationale for leaving our troops there. Al-Qaida is there, in large part, because we are there.

1 comment:

  1. Those were sequential questions? The lack of reasoning is ridiculous -- and thus insulting not only to Democrats but to all who question the war for good reason.

    Well, at least she isn't teaching logic.