Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here's an idea

Here's an idea we can all get behind. It's an email from one of McBride's fans to WTMJ management, she says:
Jon, ....I understand you canned JMcB. I consider the circumstances questionable & therefore am immediately "canning" radio 620. By firing JMcB, you make it clear that NONE of your on-air personalities, ....Charlie, Jeff, Jonathan, and others, can now be trusted to speak their own minds. 1/ First, radio 620 comes off my truck radio memory buttons, and off the 2 radios in my home that also have memory buttons. 2/ Further, if I hear WTMJ on ANY radio, I will insist insofar as possible that the station be changed or the radio turned off. This will apply in the health club I frequent, and several other locations. If others ask why I make my 'urgent' request, I will freely tell them. 3/ Finally, I will forward copies of this email to all local listings in my email address book, with an explanation, and ask that they implement these same 3 steps.


  1. I certainly can get behind that idea. However, it does provide a glimpse into how simple-minded her followers are.

  2. Could you imagine if this person actually demanded someone change their radio station and explain why? They would sound like a wacko.