Saturday, May 19, 2007

She's back...

…and she’s telling WTMJ to take their blog and shove it.

Update: McBride offers a Kanea culpa. Basically, Eugene Kane’s failure to admit Milwaukee has a crime problem got her fired.


  1. Evidently she's attempting to compensate in length what she can't manage in content...

  2. She still has that item up about Santa Fe mulling the hiring of illegal immigrants as police officers, while the New Mexico newspaper story to which she links says Santa Fe is considering hiring Mexican nationals in the US legally.

    Throwing out predominantly unrecorded stuff on the radio is usually here and gone in an instant, but writing inaccurately and then leaving it for all to see - - after the error has been pointed out - - is total self-sabotage.

  3. Here is a blog link about McBride's inaccurate and uncorrected continual posting on the Santa Fe police story.

  4. So -- if Kane actually had been on her show that night, when he was on vacation so not around to play into her setup, that would have changed the minds already made up at WTMJ?

    And yes, WTMJ still is responsible for what remains on its website that is, at the least, erroneous. Its continued refusal to fix those errors is telling. It tells us how irresponsible WTMJ is today.

    This was not about anything but ratings. Not about facts, right or wrong. Not about free speech -- opinions, ranting or reasonable. Not about a murdered little girl, not about Kane, not even about barnyard sound effects on a once-great radio station (if those sound effects were reminiscent of the days of Joe Shot and the Hotshots, the WTMJ house band).

    It was and is only about ratings and the almighty dollar.

  5. She's still not allowing comments. No comments means no one to point out her absurdities, and Whallah, she is still safe in her own little world.

    After all, reality can be a hard concept for smaller minds.

  6. Are you sure Jessica McBride is a real person? She looks like a computer generated cyborg to me.

  7. It would appear that losing her radio show has given her more time to write endless blog items.