Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In the interest of full disclosure ...

John McAdams says, among other things, that Jim Rowen should have disclosed, when writing about Jessica McBride, that they once competed for the same job.

Paul Soglin goes him one better. This is what you call full disclosure.


  1. For the record, I have known both Soglin and Rowen since 1973.

    I also worked with Joe McBride, Jessica's dad, in 1973-74 at the Wisconsin State Journal.

    Now my conscience is clear.

  2. I like Rowen more than McBride, though I have never met either of them. However, McBride and I may have crossed paths at UWM as students ... frightening.

  3. Did the Creature, McBride, disclose to her editors that she was having an affair with then-married-to-another-woman and then-District Attorney Paul Bucher when she was covering him for the Journal Sentinel?