Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poker Playing 101

As Jessica likes to say, "I Am Dying of Laughter Right Now."

Now she is teaching Public Relations 101, a syllabus posted at 3 a.m., with enough content to last several semesters. She lashes out at WTMJ radio manager Jon Schweitzer, columnist Tim Cuprisin, and even her replacement, Dennis Miller.

What she needs is a short course in Poker 101: Know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. It is past time to fold 'em.

As the Brew City Brawler points out, she says she is tired of her own story, but continues to wallow in it.

Sometimes there's accidentally a little kernel of truth in what she says:
On Friday, the program director, Tom Parker, (email him at, told me they'd decided to move away from "ideologically conservative" programs. He said it wasn't the growth potential of the station anymore. (Except for Charlie's show, he said. Don't worry. I never got the impression they would meddle with Charlie's show at all, and I don't believe Charlie would let them. He's too ethical, and his show is too good and too highly rated).
"Too good and too highly-rated" could be a key phrase here, but she seems to skip right over it in trying to figure out why she's off the air.


  1. Yes, Sykes definitely is too highly rated.

    All who agree, parse (poor) sentence construction now!

  2. "his show is ... too highly rated."

    lmao priceless.

  3. You can tell she misses the attention and will go to any length to get more.

    Imagine what would happen if her blog allowed comments?