Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eradicating the Muslims

McBride, expanding her scope and further exposing her ignorance of foreign affairs, revisits what she likes to call "the Balkans" in a Waukesha Freeman column, asserting that President Bill Clinton "bombed the former Yugoslavia to protect Islamists" who are part of the international terrorist network.

Brew City Brawler sets the record atraight:
There's a difference between subjective perception and telling a lie. And Jessica's column, my friends is a lie. Clinton bombed Serb forces after they overran Srebrenica and embarked on an orgy of slaughter that lasted for days and filled mass graves with thousands of people. Clinton bombed "the former Yugoslavia" when it seemed apparent Milosevic was willing to do the same thing in Kosovo.

Saying Clinton was "protecting Islamists" is a slander against the dead and a slander against Clinton. Jessica obviously doesn't care about the latter and, frankly, the Brawler wonders if she has the basic humanity to care about the former.
McBride had suggested earlier that the US was on the wrong side in Bosnia. Perhaps, as the Brawler suggested then, she really does think we should have helped Slobodan Milosevic kill all the Muslims, which, in her warped view of the world, would have protected Fort Dix from terrorists.

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  1. I heard there was an opening for a "Silly the Clown" in Waukesha, the current titleholder being on his way to prison.

    Jessica McBride could easily step right into the position.