Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Nothing wrong with Willie Horton attacks'

McBride on the GOP presidential debate:
Mike Huckabee was just asked about some parolee who got out and killed someone or something. I don't know what case they are talking about. Did the media just "Willie Horton" Huckabee? (Not that there was anything wrong with raising the Willie Horton question).
That's not surprising, given the fact that Paul Bucher, McBride's husband, was accused of using Willie Horton tactics against Kathleen Falk in the 2006 race for attorney general. It was McBride, not Bucher, who defended Bucher's Willie Horton website.

McBride is a fan of the Willie Horton type attack. Her profile on WisPolitics, for example, includes:
20. The book I'm recommending these days is ...

Ann Coulter, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism." I think that she opens herself up for criticism by going off the rhetorical deep end at times, but she's very good at deconstructing conventional wisdom. It's worth reading for her chapter on Willie Horton alone.
Here's one critique of Coulter's chapter, rewriting history. McBride did a little rewriting herself. Enjoy.

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