Friday, May 11, 2007

It's easy to tape, but who wants to listen?

Don Imus. Michael McGee.

Who will be the next talker to step in it?

Tim Cuprisin of the Journal Sentinel says the key to calling out both Imus and McGee was that someone began to routinely tape their programs every day.

Jay "Folkbum" Bullock says the way to take on the talkers is to cite chapter and verse, not issue broadsides complaining about their content. But he notes there is no one performing that service, at least so far. Says Folkbum:
This is the blogosphere, people, and the great beauty of it, as I've said before, is that if you see a hole in the middle of it, you have the ability to form a SykesWatch-sized piece to fill that hole. In the meantime, calling someone a "neocrybaby" or demanding "Sistah Souljah" moments just makes you look petty. Aligning yourself with the rhetoric of the McGees makes you look cretinous.
Here's the rub: Creating a McBrideWatch, for example -- since this site is all things McBride -- would require someone not only to tape her programs, but to listen closely, analyze them, and write about them. In a bad week that could mean 15 hours of programming. Mercifully, with baseball season it is a lot less airtime, but still quite a commitment to regularly expose one's brain cells to hours of her scolding and annoying whine.

Small wonder there has been no volunteer. To do all of the right-wing talkers in Milwaukee would be a full-time job. Talk about taking one for the team; that would be the ultimate sacrifice.

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  1. The fact that she does teach journalism at UWM might go a long way to explain the quality, or lack thereof, of local media, i.e. MJS, local TV news and local radio news.