Thursday, May 10, 2007

In otherwords, deportemall

Grrrrr! First those illegal immigrants take our jobs, and now they're taking our college scholarships.

Marquette has given a scholarship to a Mexican student who is the country illegally, and has been in the US at least for middle school and high school. In other words, he came here with his family at a pretty young age.

McBride would like to deport him, but the "illegal alien lobby" won't allow that, she claims.

You have to give her credit, though. Even while frothing at the mouth, she coins a new word:
In otherwords, they want no borders.
In "otherwords," she's still careless as can be, with the facts and with the language.

UPDATE: That was no typo. She really thinks "otherwords" is a word.

Today's post, ranting about the beer tax, includes:
In otherwords, moderate, responsible drinkers would have to pay for those who abuse the product.
THE BEAT GOES ON. Continuing her crusade to rewrite the language, McBride writes:
In otherwords, it's a tax.

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