Friday, January 18, 2008

And She Would Know Bias

McBride puts up one of her now infrequent posts, and surprisingly, it's not about the presidential election. This time she is complaining about her former employer and it's supposed liberal bias.

She specifically is complaining about this story which highlights some of the shenanigans committed by Darshan Dhaliwal, a man that own several gas stations and has been known to throw money around to various politicians. Her beef with the article is that it focuses on the fact that Dhaliwal gave most of the money to TOMMY. To her credit, McBride does admit that Dhaliwal even gave money to her husband to his failed run for Attorney General.*

Gee, I don't remember her squawking about the stories about Dennis Troha. Those stories focused on the money he gave to Doyle, with the right salivating at the thought that would be the Governor's downfall. Not only did it not turn out to be quite the smoking gun they had hoped for, it turns out that Troha had even more dealings with Bush and Paul Ryan, who actually performed acts of favor for the money Troha gave him.

Nor is that MSJ's first round with favoritism, as I have written about at my other home.

Of course, in McBride's world, it's only bias if it's against her side, otherwise it's just good reporting.

*Do you think that part of the reason his campaign failed might have something to do with the fact that he endorsed his opponent?


  1. After reading her post three times, I'm still trying to figure out exaclty what she is complaining about. Maybe she was still in the hot tub when she wrote it and her contacts were steamed.

    Is she upset that the sheik of Mequon only gave her hubbie $1,000?

    Is she upset that she had to admit he gave her husband anything?

    Is she still upsset that Journal Communiations cut her pathetic talk show?

    What was her point. Both sides are guilty of taking special interest money?

    She didn't point out that former Democratic Representative Kleczka move the House for an award for Darshan Singh Dhaliwal in June of 2002 and that Former Republican Governor announced an award for E85infrastructure with Chancellor Nancy Zimpher in November of 2001.

    As Charlie would say, SO WHAT?

    He doesn't hide his political contributions. These points are from

    Darshan Dhaliwal, President of Bulk Petroleum of Milwaukee, WI, who owns more than operates nearly 1,000 gas stations across the United States

    He makes huge contributions to political candidates, community groups and religious organizations. He and his wife, Debra, and their children live in a six-bedroom home in Mequon. There's even a four-bedroom guesthouse out back

    He's one of the quietest human beings. He does not like to talk in public. He won't give a speech

    So his points are fairly clear, what was hers?

  2. Sorry

    Former Republican Governor Scott McCallum

  3. Yeah, that whole "voter fraud" thing that screamed off the Sentinel's front page these many years really was biased for liberals. The fake Georgia Thompson prosecution, which was timed conveniently to to Doyle re-election was biased for liberals. The way that Scott Jensen hasn't spent a day in prison, while Chuck Chvala went in disgrace, is biased for liberals. They way the paper totally ignores the black and Hispanic community, not to mention what goes on in the gay community, is biased for liberals. The way the paper promoted a two-bit copy editor with no real experience to a columnist whose ideas would make Mussolini blush is biased for liberals. The way the paper has never had a black person in any real position of influence or power, and barely has any minority reporters to begin with, is biased for liberals. That the paper devotes more resources to Brett Favre's bowel movements than to the shocking inner-city poverty that exists in Milwaukee shows its liberal bias.

    As Bill O'Reilly would say, in one of his Cicero moments, "Shut up, shut up, shut up."

  4. Is this another reason for her to publish her photo with Karl Rove?

  5. I think it's funny that this rightwinger thought so little of the Bucher campaign that he only gave him $1000. That's chump change compared to what he gave to other knuckle-draggers. (As it turns out, his instincts were correct about the loser Bucher's political potential. You have to give the man that much credit.)

  6. Why are you dissing the infrequency of her posts. That should be a good sign.

  7. It seems another right winger from Oconomowoc that used the joyous occasion of delivering the annual tax bills to his constituents to endorse a couple of his favorite candidates for free also gave a paltry $1,000 to the failed Bucher campaign for AG. Robert Hulquist whom freshman DA Brad Schimel opted not to charge with misconduct in office is listed as contributing the same amount as the gas station mogul Jessica was carping about.

    I would imagine it's coincidence like Troha, Adleman and the power plant people. Certainly wouldn't try to curry favor with Paul the Fierce Crusader or whtaever.

    Ms. McBride before you start pointing out the disparity in amounts, remember their are different limits for Governor and AG. ANd people have a propensity to give more to candidates that might actually win.

    Wonder if Hultquist donated to Brad Schimel's campaign?

  8. After reading her post three times

    I thought I had a strong stomach.

  9. Today's Freeman on line.

    Speaking of crying out, this week’s Dear DA letter is crying out for a response. My husband won’t be thrilled that I wrote this column. It deals with his old office, so it’s awkward. He thinks you’re a good guy. I am so relieved to hear that Jessica, really. I do, too. Please don’t assume my opinions reflect his. My opinions are my own only. First, who among us believes that PoliMac would write anything without first having it read and explained to her husband Former Waukesha County District Attorney, Paul I Will Be Back Bucher?Second, why would the Why would the Freeman approve such a column?I once saw you at a cop’s retirement party. You seemed comfortable there. You were the law enforcement candidate in the district attorney’s race, not the glib politician. I like that about you. I think you’ve got the potential to be an excellent DA because you’ve got a lot of integrity. She is amazing. She picked all that up from one retirement party. I wonder what she could have learned if she had paid attention during the 16 years he worked in the DA's office.Jessica’s Belated Christmas List:However, I was hoping you wouldn’t go easy on illegal immigrant criminals, drug offenders and sneaky Jim Doyle campaign attorneys, while suddenly getting all bothered by Scott Jensen. I didn’t expect pro-marijuana Web sites would heap praise on you during your first year in office.And a major but questionable policy statement by the queen of the blogosphere:I know you’re bound by the law, not politics. Even so, some of your decisions baffle me. I would imagine that baffling Jessica and Paul the Phi Bet Kappa is not unique to DA Schimel or many others for that matter.Shouldn’t you guys be working together to make sure Jensen gets a fair trial, which - news flash - is not going to happen in Dane? You might as well advocate that Ahab prosecute Moby Dick. This of course coming from the wife of Paul I Never Met an Innocent Defendant Bucher. If the facts don’t fit read the Chmura story on Court TV for instructions on how to proceed. You told the Madison reporters that you knew little about the case except what was in the newspaper, so why weigh in now? Translation. If you don’t want to do what we think you should, then keep your mouth shut. Get it young man?After plowing through the actual reports, I came to believe that the Jensen prosecution was selective and unfair. Your Honor, the Defense rests. Selective Prosecution. Wait, wait, I can hardly breathe get the oxygen.The Democratic DA’s own investigative reports show he had the goods on numerous Democrats, yet he didn’t charge them. And that’s just for starters. Now this is a truly amazing comment to come out of that household.I just wish that, if given the chance, you’d embrace the opportunity to review this case with a fresh eye and, if you see evidence of unfairness, you’d correct it. This is a case crying out for another prosecutor’s eye. Ditto.How many illegal immigrants are in the criminal justice system right now? If you can answer that question, call me. I’ll run the number next week. Wonder where that question came from? But I’ll hop right on it Jen and send you an email.The problem is that no one - including the feds - is systematically tracking which criminal defendants in our county are illegal immigrants. Well they are only the “feds” what do they know?You also took a pass at making a case against Michael Maistelman, the governor’s campaign attorney who was shamelessly firing off e-mails to the state Elections Board before it destroyed Mark Green’s campaign. Objection Your Honor, cumulative, irrelevant and political.Aggressive prosecutors can go down in flames. Anyone particular in mind here Jessica?Give me the principled, aggressive prosecutor any day over the too-cautious one (McCann).Ditto?But I feel like Cher in "Moonstruck" right now: "Snap out of it"! That’s an order and Uh, Brad, in case you haven’t seen Moonstruck, come on over, I’ll do some micro popcorn and we can all watch it together. For the rest of you, if you don’t know what Cher did in Moonstruck, here is a short synopsis from the Internet Movie Database:Now, I did question the loyalty when a woman (Cher), the first time she meets her finance's brother (Nicolas Cage), goes to bed with him! (At least she winds up marrying him. Then, later in the movie, the father (Vincent Gardenia) of this Castorini family is having an affair and his wife (Olympia Dukakis) finds out about it. She simply tells him, "Don't see her anymore," and that's the end of that. Whether he did or not, who knows, but I guess that says something for forgiveness. Another questionable decision by Paul the Politico Bucher to stick his nose into a situation where it doesn't belong rather than working on things he should be working on. Doesn't he realize it's protocol, at least in the Republican Party, even for former US Presidents to remain mum on their successors policies and decisions especially in the early stages of the successor's reign?DA Schimel, I want you to succeed. This is constructive criticism, not a personal attack. Could have fooled me, but maybe DA Schimel will go for it.Since Jessica didn’t assail DA Schimel for his handling of Robert Hultquist’s not too subtle abuse of his franking privileges, she must agree with the self-imposed $368 fine rather than the career ending punishment Paul the Persecutor doled out to Donovan Riley and Jefferson Davis. God job Brad, one atta boy for you from Paul er Jessica.

    What's the subliminal message here? “Call Paul before you do something stupid Brad. He'll point you in the right direction and then you can make it up to him when he needs a favor”? Maybe he already does and that's why he's getting in trouble? Or maybe he wants to be something other than a DA someday and realizes he needs a better role model than Paul I Never Won an Election Bucher?

    Is it possible that even despite his youth and relative short time on the job, DA Schimel has already learned something Paul the Persistent has learned and maybe never will, that being choosing what battles are worth fighting and sometimes it’s best not to get into a pissing contest with skunks?

    The consensus of the Saturday morning coffee klatch is that since McBride is a journalist with high ethical standards, Paul the Peeker must have found a copy of her article lying next to the hot tub and looked at it when Jessica was working on the guest list for Sunday’s Packer Party.

    There is yet another possibility, maybe both DA and Schimel and his predecessor, Paul the Wannabe are both too political.

    Dennis Krueger, if you are one tenth as political as Paul and Jess, maybe you will read this. If you are willing to make decisions based on rational legal thought rather than political party or public relation opinions, maybe you would consider coming back to give the voters a second chance. After all, they did get one right in 2006.

    Don't like the content of the comment call 1-800-Who-Cares?

    Stay tuned for next week for Jessica’s thrilling column, “Dear diary, this one is so secret, even I don’t know I’m writing it.” There actually is at least one other issue that Paul the Past and Brad seem to agree on, but this commentary has already lasted longer than Jessica’s posts on her blog used to so we’ll save it for – maybe next week.

    Alas, I just got a call with yet another theory. Maybe Jessica took Paul the Perennial’s musings about running for the Supreme Court to heart and decided to write this column to assure he stays in private practice where he is doing tremendously and makes lots of money so she may some day retire from her blog and column writing.

    PS, Brad

    Here’s a hot tip to quickly mend some of the political bridges you burned. Since the game is not until 7:30 on Sunday night, maybe you could troll the bars in Green Bay with Paul the Permanent Prosecutor and find a couple Packer 1st stringers to bust before game time.