Friday, January 18, 2008

That'll Show Us

In a desperate attempt to spin out of the negative impression that most people have of Bush, Cheney and most of the neocons in the media and blogosphere that go on and on and on with their sermons of hate and intolerance, Charlie shows us that we are all wet.

You see, he has conclusive proof that this is simply not true, and it is the hate left that is the more intolerant, the more hateful. His proof: An article written by a right wing guy in a right wing paper whose only proof is some cherry-picked data from a rather silly study.

I'll feel ashamed after I'm done laughing....


  1. I am sad to say that this country is in deep touble when a newspapre of that magnitude publishes articles on the subject of people what political persuasion say worse things about their opponents than their opponents say about them. The article doesn't contibute one socially important point. Have all politicians fallen to the mentality of kindergartners arguing about who started it and who called who what name first. Let's solve the problems and ignore the labels. We are rapidly racing to third world status in our economy (check the dollar) and our politics. The next destination for UN election observers will likely be the US.

  2. Compassionate conservatism: silk nooses.