Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Nanny Squawkers

Sykes, Belling, McIlheran and the rest of the squawking brigade will often complain about the "nanny state" telling us how to run our lives, and in the next sentence, they will tell us how they think we should be running our lives.

Paul Soglin shows us another example:

Not content to let Charlie Sykes corner the market on telling Wisconsinites how to raise their children, Mark Belling has some sage advice and opinions for those of you disappointed that the 18th century work-houses of Oliver Twist's day are no longer thriving.

Pete Kennedy at GMtoday, wrote a thoughtful piece, Don't fill up the cup, Arrowhead drug testing a ‘really stupid’ idea , questioning the wisdom and the constitutionality of the Arrowhead High School drug testing policy.

Belling, eloquently jumps into the discussion with this profundity, Way to Go Arrowhead,

The presumption that a high school kid has rights is precisely the attitude that empowers them to make bad decisions.
The illogic, the misunderstanding of the Constitution, and the sheer stupidity of this comment makes The Three Stooges, yes, all seven of them, presidential contenders.

Paul goes to show other examples of Bellings double standards, which are so typical of all of the squawkers. You can read his entire post here.


  1. He doesn't believe that prisoners have rights, so why should students? Hell, why have the 4th or 6th Amendements anyway?

  2. Yep get rid of them amendments and might as well throw the commandments in the trash too.

  3. No, we need to replace the Amendments with the Commandments. Also, Leviticus and Deuteronomy and the rest of the Old Testament. To hell with the New Testament and all its "love" and "peace" crap.