Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Off the Deep End

It's fun having a mother who is even more of a lefty than her son. Anyway, she now lives in Arkansas and sent me this letter-to-the-editor from the local newspaper.

By Robert W. Griffith
Midway (Arkansas)

As I frequently listen to Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton and Power-hungry Hillary’s double-speak campaign, I tremble with laughter and fear for this republic’s future.

Face it, Hillary’s campaign agenda is based on the old German Marxist Social Democratic Party of 1875 and Fidel Castro’s form of government. Hillary’s form of government is Big Daddy and Big Momma.

Military magazine, January 2008, terrorists and liberals: “Our enemies know one thing: They have a friend in the lieberals because they will always tuck tail and run instead of stand and fight.” Radio-show host and Vietnam veteran Bill Boltinghouse.

Is Hillary a closet communist?
German Marxist Social Democratic Party? That's a mouthful and inaccurate. The party is considered to have been born in 1863 by Ferdinand Lassalle and was called Allgemeiner Deutscher Arbeiterverein (General German Workers' Association). It has undergone numerous name changes, none of which come close to what Mr. Griffith claims.

I suspect comparing that original party to Fidel Castro's form of government is a stretch. I wonder if we can get Martin Lawrence to reprise his role if Ms. Clinton wins the presidency. Where would that leave her husband, though?

Anyway, these people are seriously deranged.


  1. Well if the liberals win, they might spen hundreds of billions or trillions on health care, education ond feeding hungry children. Then we'd be deep in debt and mortgage our childrens futures. Right?

  2. Exaggerate much? Cheat on your tax return?

  3. Don't have to, I'm rich, I don't pay taxes

  4. PS other side,

    That obviously went over your head.

    It was a commentary on what we have today without the health care, food and education.

  5. Civil rights? Bad.
    War? Good.
    Homos? Bad.
    Public schools? Bad.
    Parks? Bad, except if they have golf.

    But that's the danger of electing Hillary, is that you resurrect these yahoos' conspiracy theories and blind hatred, which is animated by all sorts of other pathologies. Not that I doubt that she'd do the right thing, but I don't know if I can deal with eight years of Fox News reporting on how she personally strangled Vince Foster after a lesbian assault on his sister.

  6. Hill? She sucks compared to the others, I'll admit. But part of me would love having these people waiting in their bunkers for the black helicopters to come and take their angel figurines.