Friday, January 25, 2008

The Hate Right: Suburban Style: UPDATE

I just wanted to give some quick updates and one clarification regarding the story of l'affaire de Kevin Fischer.

This story appears to be growing legs, and has been noted by such notables as Kay, Michael Mathias, and the venerable Jay Bullock.

I also wanted to emphasize that Whallah! is not asking for Fischer to be fired, or even stifled. An apology for his boorish behavior would be nice, though.

Nor do I, not for one minute, accuse Fischer of using state equipment or blogging on state time. The incident that was referred to was January 3rd, and it is not uncommon for people to take those one or both of those holiday weeks off. I do not even think that the legislature was in session at that time. The second incident I referred to was January 19th, a Saturday. Besides, Ms. Kilkenny's open records request will clarify those issues.

But I have to agree with Michael, when he states:
And while it may be true that Fischer and Kowalski don’t care for one another’s views, it also appears that Kowalski is one of Lazich’s constituents. Regardless of the partisanship issues here, it is really in Lazich’s interests to have her aide engaged in a long-running online spat with a voter?

All the way around, it is still a poor showing by Fischer and his cohort. But it does make good fodder for Whallah!


  1. Has McBride done partisan political work on state time? It's a rhetorical question.

  2. On the plus side, the partisan political work she has done has been a complete and abject failure and left her a laughingstock. So there's that.

  3. What amazed me this week is that no one outside of blog world even thought her attack on DA Schimel's performance was worthy of note.

    She's irrelevant?

    I am amzaed that she still has a column and a government job.

  4. I think it's comparable to the shame one feels when a homeless person craps their pants on our bus. It matters in a larger cosmic sense, and is tragic in that same sense, but we just would rather the whole scene just go away.

  5. Capper is right I don't think anybody has or should accuse Fischer of illegal acitivities on state time or equipment.

    That, however, is different than investigating or asking for an investigation or information as Cindy is commendably doing.

    I hope Cindy will update us as she learns more.

    Good job Cindy uh and you too Capper.

  6. Belling banned Gatzke for a letter to the New Berlin school board being in which Gatzke was too liberal in his commentary.

    Will Belling ignore the Fischer controversy? I actually did hear Belling take a swipe at Lazisch in a discussion of the new ethanol mandate. I don't know how Lazisch stands on the ethanol mandate but Belling's listener apparently was grilled by her staff when she called on the ethanol issue as to whether she was listening to the Belling show when she called.

    I digress, Mark do you have a stand on the Kevin Fischer blog posts?

  7. This should get Fischer and McBride off the hot seat.

  8. There will be no prosecution of the US Attorney while there is a republican president. If there is a democratic president to follow, there will be no US Attorney Biskupic to prosecute.

  9. Biskupic may not get indicted. But he may get a seat on the Journal's editorial board, however. Better yet, fill the time slot that McBride filled.

  10. I'm trying to find the beginning of the Fischer attacks on Kowalski. They must go back a long time this is from last October



    Probably not.

    This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Poor Greg is in way over his head.

    He needs to do two things:

    1) Pick fights or debates on issues he truly understands, like pie and appetizers.

    2) THINK before hitting that “send” button.

    Yes, indeed.

    Like fish in a barrel.

  11. Yes, the history is quite long. So many comments have been erased, too.