Saturday, January 26, 2008

Empathy Deficit Disorder-Textbook Case

This is also a bit dated, but being a King is busy work.

On Wednesday, McIlheran wrote two posts on different topics, but with the same theme.

In his first post, he complains about how Milwaukee isn't just getting out of the way for the residents of Waukesha County so that they can have access to our water. These are the same people that chose to kill bus route #9, because the working poor in Milwaukee aren't worth the money, just so they can get to and from their jobs. So why would they deserve our water, Patrick? Oh that's right, because they're richer than us.

In his second post, McIlheran talks about how China is now having traffic jams. Although he never explicitly states what his point is, he does imply how wonderful cars are and the need to have more of them, burn more gas, have more pollution and to build more roads. As opposed to something so silly as mass transit.

He quotes a man from China who is happy that he can see his relatives in far away places. That is nice. The King of the Hate Left and his beautiful queen enjoy that luxury too. The difference is that we understand that those are blind, physically disabled, or have some other reason that they cannot drive, also have a right to see their loved ones. We recognize that for some people not as fortunate as ourselves, just getting to the local grocery store or pharmacy can require a lot of time and effort, even with mass transit, and would be impossible without it.

So, two different topics, cars and water, but the same theme. McIlheran suffers from Empathy Deficit Disorder.

H/T to James Rowen for the diagnostic guide.

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