Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today's TV: Mike Gousha

Mike Gousha, formerly of TMJ4, premiered his new Sunday morning show this morning on WISN-TV. It was refreshing, especially compared to the usual Sunday morning fare.

Mr. Gousha did interviews in his traditional style: Ask a question and letting the person respond uninterrupted.

It wasn't hard hitting, but it did cover some current issues like the current financial crisis the state is trying to avert. My only complaint is that it did not devote enough time to the different topics. He should focus on only one or two items and give it more in-depth coverage.

Sykes and the others could learn a lot from watching this true professional. But then again, that probably wouldn't help their agenda.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Mike Gousha: He lives a life of general dignity, tries to bring a high-minded approach to a crappy communications company, seems actually to know what he talks about and treats his guests with respect and...ends up with his name spoken in the same sentence as the adultering, libeling, penny-ante Grand Marshall of the imaginary columns in his head, Charlie Sykes. It's like seeing Orson Welles hawking frozen peas. Apologies Mike.