Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blogroll Updates

Gentle readers-

I just wanted to point out some changes to the Royal Blogroll.

Other Side's site, in deference to his switch to baseball, and being renamed, Brass League, is now in the amusements section. Also added to that section is Wisconsinology. It is an interesting site chock full of interest bits if history and trivia about our fine state, and has been endorsed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Ed Gein.

Added to our respected conservatives list, one may find Fairly Conservative, home of the illuminative Cindy Kilkenny, a recent ally in l'Affaire de Fischer. The Chief is listed by BNN as a conservative, but has an amazing sense of humor and seems to be grounded in reality.

Of course, with the addition of Ms. Kilkenny, we must add our newest squawker, Fischer, to the brigade, and our newest addition to the Royal Court, the Green Knight, Sir Gregory Kowalski, at Today's Concerns.

Please treat them like the friends that they are, with respect and kindness, even in disagreement. With Fischer, eh, not so much.

The King of the Hate Left has spoken. So shall it be.


  1. I'm still taken aback by the name.

    As I noted in my blog:

    "I sort-of like “Sir Gregory the Green.” Sounds important but I better start reading Sierra Club news rather than the Business Journal."

    I mean, my development news blog would go nowhere with me being 100% "Green"

    Have a good one!

  2. I am? Well, that's news to me (I vaguely recall putting myself down as both a liberal and a conservative, but then again I could have just too lazy to do any quality control at the time).

    Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Greg, well, money is green, isn't it? And ecofriendly development is an up and coming thing, n'est-ce pas?


    I was kind of surprised myself given some of the things you have written. I just went with the BNN listing, as I didn't want to offend. If you would rather, I can list you with the reality-based sites.

  4. Liberal, conservative, whatever. I don't care if The Chief carries around a copy of The Fountainhead in a briefcase made from the skins of endangered species, his blog is outstanding. I've been a fan for awhile.