Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's The Economy, Stupid!

Jay Bullock (yes, I'm done with that kingly talk--for now) points out that the economy is not as rosy as the local right wing media squawk brigade would have us think it is.

Jay refers to an article in this morning's paper that tells of how the financial aid office of Milwaukee County is being overwhelmed with a jump of people applying for assistance. He then continues:

... However, let's all keep this in mind the next time McIlheran wanders through to tell us how fantastic the economy is. You can also remind him of the increasing Milwaukee foreclosure rate (mirroring national trends) and the skyrocketing consumer bankruptcy rates we've seen in the last year.

Jay also points out that there is plenty of blame to go around for the dismal financial events here in Milwaukee (emphasis mine):

There's lots of blame to go around for this--Republican legislators targeting Milwaukee County, a county executive unwilling to stand up to those legislators or meet the needs of his residents, a federal government pursuing welfare-for-the-rich strategies....

The highlighted part stood out to me. It seemed that I had seen something like that earlier, and in more than one place.

Of course, McIlheran, along with his good buddy, Sykes, will be leading the effort to think that the local economy is booming and Walker is doing a great job, but we know better than that. Don't we?


  1. Yeah those 52 months of consecutive job growth and 5 years of economic growthh averaging 2.8% have just been awful.

    The thing is people like you have been complaining every step of the way.

    By the way did you forget that President Bush inherited a recession?

  2. Those are totally bogus numbers, inflated to support his popcorn fart of a gubernatorial campaign. The base of the local economy is badly eroded and the infrastructure of a once-proud collection of agencies is in tatters. Walker missed no opportunity to alienate county employees and apply his bizarre ideology in places where it made no sense, saved no money and caused real damage. Especially if Obama wins the nomination, Walker's going to get swept right in to a nice-paying job with the Bradley Foundation, where they'll provide him with a booster seat so he can preach to the choir about the evils of government and plot another political campaign to run government.

  3. You still allow read debate wisconsin on here? how generous of you. For your info rdw, gwb lies and has his administration lying as well. this is the year before election. this is when the news is supposed to be at its best. the truth will come out after the election next year. it will be worse than they are reporting now. only idiots didn't see it coming, highest gas prices ever, untold trillions on an unending war. corn into oil food prices skyrocket medical costs unlivavble literally where is thge real good news rather than the regurgitated bs?

  4. The job growth is after the decimation of jobs at the beginning of his term. I don't think employment has reached the level that it was at pre-Bush.

    Not to mention that despite what paltry growth there has been, the average income has become stagnant, at best, and has dropped for many.

    But that doesn't fit into the right's mantra, nor does it fit into the schemings of the AFPPT (Americans for Preposterous Profit Taking).

    The stock market that the right has been clinging to as their beacon of hope has dropped like a lead balloon, as the housing bubble pops.

    Nor does this include the generations worth of debt Bush has put us in, thanks to his obscene war.

    This is just part of his legacy.

  5. And of course I would allow Fred here. This is a blog of freedom and democracy. I do not partake in pettiness or tyranny.