Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Weren't Those Kids In (Virtual) School?

Sykes, along with the usual suspects in the right wing echo chamber, are crowing about a rally held today in Madison. They were protesting the courts upholding the law, and finding that virtual schooling wasn't legal for school funding, as they weren't, you know, schools.

The group behind this rally issued a press release, which Sykes proudly posted on his blog. This release starts out with this:

Holding signs that read "Don't kick me out of school, I didn't do anything wrong" and "This Vote Will Go on Your Permanent Record!" a crowd of more than 1100 students, parents and educators rallied at the Wisconsin State Capitol Wednesday afternoon.

Gee, it seems to me that before this, whenever there was an education-related protest or demonstration or rally in Madison, Sykes would be the first one out there, squawking like a wet hen, about how those darn kids should be in school, and not out there trying to protect their schools.

I think the kids should have held a virtual protest. It would have been more apropos.

UPDATE: Ken Mobile raises some interesting questions about virtual schooling and has a link of his own to a site raising even more.


  1. It was a virtual Snow Day. Sykes was putting up a blizzard.

  2. Unfortunately, it wasn't a virtual snow job, but a real one.