Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Fan Club Keeps On Growing

Whallah! has already noted one person that is less than enamored with McIlheran jottings. Grumps has found another one. In this piece, the author, Bill Berry, throws out lines like:

But these days we also get flip bar talk on important issues. Maybe it's viewed as entertainment. It's sure not reasonable commentary. Columnist Patrick McIlheren offered up a heaping scoop of horse crap the other day in a column that provided definitions of key terms heading into the election year.

I'll give the guy marks for being occasionally funny, kind of like the loudmouth at the end of the bar can be, but only for a little while before becoming unbearable. Journal Communications is already well-represented in the right-wing radio blab niche, and now the company has some in print. The nice thing about print is it doesn't float off into thin air. It's there for review. ...

You can read Grumps' highlights here and the original post here.

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