Thursday, January 10, 2008

Whallah! C'est Voila!

Any blog that has this has their header:


Committed to keeping the word "former" in Mr. McBride's public service resume.

Well, you know it's gotta be tres bien.


  1. Well, don't do your job too well. You can't deny us another Bucher campaign. Really, he doesn't suck.

  2. So Anon, you want to see him twist in the wind a few more times. Maybe the point is let him campaign all he wants,just more of the same results.

  3. Someone posted about Mr McB losing his home ward. Here are the stats.

    He captured 55% of the vote in Waukesha County - a respectable margin but nothing to write home about, considering he has been the district attorney there for 18 years.

    Said Brian Nemoir, a GOP strategist not aligned with either camp: "I have to believe he was thinking home run margin in Waukesha - 60-percent-plus."

    Not only did Bucher fail to hit it out of his home field, but he even lost 208-180 in the Town of Merton voting unit where he lives, according to Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus.

    With 95% of the voting units reporting in Milwaukee County, Bucher was narrowly losing to Van Hollen, 50.5% to 49.5%. In the five-county area, he was behind by about 400 votes, with Van Hollen collecting 37,484 votes to Bucher's 37,065. Overall, he lost the state 60%-40%.


    I think the neighbors drew straws to make sure some voted for Bucher. Can you imagine the vengeance wreaked on the neighbors if the vote had been 388 - 0?

    Wonder who knows him better than his own neighbors.

  4. Was it in the art of war that said to win I strengthen my enemy's enemy. Imagine the next debate in Super Paul's politcal quest. Right after "How are Jessica and the kids", the opponent follows up with If you don't suck Paul, how come you lost Merton to Van Hollen in 06?