Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coming Highlights

In the next day or two, Whallah! is planning on presenting:
  • A review of McBride's radio interview
  • An analysis of McBride's latest column at GMToday
  • More examples of the hate right
  • More of the adventures of Sykes, McIlheran, etc.

So stay tuned kids--Same Whallah! time, same Whallah! channel.


  1. And meanwhile the latest from fantasy island where Jessica speaks

    This Democratic primary is getting ugly. It was like watching a prison fight, with Hillary and Barack sticking verbal shivs in each other's ribs and Edwards sitting there like a cheshire cat, reaping the benefit of the bickering.

    A little insensitive?

    I would have wanted to ask John Edwards, the token white guy on the stage, if he still believes in affirmative action. If he does, then shouldn't he concede the presidency to either Hillary or Obama?

    A little racist?

    I wanted to ask Hillary if she's the one campaigning, not Bill, then why does she keep claiming Bill's accomplishments as President as her own? She can't have it both ways.

    My husband won’t be thrilled that I wrote this column

    These guys might also remember that I am married to a lawyer.

    A little double standard?

    When Obama was asked if he thought Bill Clinton was the first black president, I think he should have simply responded, "No, I'll be."

    He’ll probably take it under advisement as I’m sure DA Schimel and Attorney General Van Hollen did with your instructions for the Jensen trial.

    He's clearly hoping Obama and Hillary will go the way of Checota-Moody.

    Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:23 pm Post subject:

    Well, I've ruled out Bill Richardson because of his support for a balanced budget amendment and other fiscal irresponsibilities. Leaning Edwards. I'm thinking Clinton-Obama pull a Checota-Moody and along comes Edwards.

    A little borrowed?

  2. Can't wait to see your take on McB Freeman column. Seems to me she wants Brad and Super paul to trade jobs.

  3. Can we look forward to you calling Mcbride a b---, or using the c--- word again? C'mon, don't disappoint us.

  4. Wonder if that is Super Paul leaving all the posts or Mrs. McBride herself looking to aggravate and ;ure someone into temptation?

    You think, Capper?

  5. Actually, I was under the impression it might have been Mr. F you, of IT fame.

  6. CApper, you are probably right. Otherwise maybe McBride but not Bucher. Sounds too much like entrapment. There are probably some ethical rules for lawyers that would break. He wouldn't risk problems with the licensing board over a blog that's read by seven people.

  7. That's only if all seven people are named anonymous.

    And for your information, Whallah! is growing. We're up to eight.

  8. anon 10:45

    that would be the lawyer regulation office there is no licensing board here but her husband is a big shot so he wont be bothered

  9. Yeah, it was "like watching a prison fight." How the subconscious works. John Edwards, "the token white guy..." If anyone is earning the pejorative that she's carrying on her holy cross with her, it's this "lady."