Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Someone's Getting Desperate...

Sykes either is having a hard time coming up with things to gripe about, or he is simply getting desperate. His "HOT READ" for Wednesday, which he posted on Tuesday, is just going to blow up the Obama campaign.

Charlie was able to sift through all the clutter on the Internet and tear himself away from surfing YouTube to find this devastating piece of damning literature: The pastor of Obama's church likes Louis Farrakhan! Oh! How will Obama survive when this news is made broadly known?

I can't wait until tomorrow, when we find out that Fred Thompson's next door neighbor's best friend's ex-mother-in-law's second husband's cousin's beautician doesn't like Jack Bauer. That will ruin him, too.


  1. I heard that Barack Obama once ate a bean pie sold by the Nation of Islam! And that he used a piece of the True Cross to cut up lines of coke that he then freebased with Qaeda leaders, while defecating on Ronald Reagan's corpse! Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod! He's, like, black!

  2. Hot read.

    This is yet another sign that Charlie is getting bored with his job and should look for something new.

    This and all of his other gimmick phrases is turning his show into what the Brits refer to when talking about a bad sit come as "catch-phrase comedy."

  3. If Charlie spoke with any black person whose first name didn't start with "David" and last name didn't start with "Clarke" he may learn that there are plenty of folks in that community that find things to like about Farrakhan. At the very least, his presence and influence on the South Side of Chicago cannot be denied. But whatever, this guilt-by-association crap is about as legitimate as those doctored Internet e-mails showing Obama not honoring the flag. (And this begs the question to the faux religious right-wingers out there: Didn't the First Commandment forbid idolatry? Isn't honoring as sacred anything other than God a sin?)