Tuesday, January 22, 2008

McBride Squawks Back

I've played the taped interview of McBride on WUWM's Lake Effect Show twenty some times. The first three I missed because I couldn't hear it over my own screaming. The next two, well, I fell asleep.

The next fifteen or so, I kept getting distracted by McBride's forced chuckles. Was she feeling uncomfortable or is she just scared of getting skewered.

So I'll try to blog it as I hear it:

She is doing an academic study (I know, the irony is unbearable) on blogging and its effect on politics. (Hint to McBride: Check out Paul's campaign for AG.) She said she is interviewing bloggers for this study. Mmm, she hasn't contacted me yet. Harumph!

We're apparently on the "dark side" of the blogosphere. She is still clinging to her grudge towards Illusory Tenant. She doesn't think that "the bad blogs should be read." But then what would she do without readers?

She plays the "I'm a victim of sexism role."

She still blames James Rowen for making her mock the death of a four year old girl. You're a bad, bad man, James.

It's OK for her to criticize others in cruel and vicious ways, but if she gets criticized, it's sexism.
She also uses the Scott Jensen defense, when asked about Eugene Kane: "I didn't call him anything that other conservatives hadn't already called him."

Her voices drops every time she gets defensive or slanders liberals. (Just an observation).

She claims there were no conservative voices in the media 20 years ago. She must not have heard of the Milwaukee Sentinel.

She likes the wide diversity of the blogosphere. She can read white conservatives, black conservatives, and women conservatives, young conservatives and old conservatives. Woo, boy! What a smorgasbord!

She's 37 years old.

Now, please excuse me. I have to get my ears to stop bleeding.


  1. After listening to the McBride "interview" 20 or more times, you will be required to post a doctor's note before you can return to posting. I'm relatively new here but as I think about it, when was the last time anybody posted anything positive about Jessica McBride ANYWHERE?

  2. Okay, I am not trying to be a smart-ass here but I am new to reading your blog and I am trying to figure out exactly what it is about McBride that you don't like?

    About this thread...I am sure she has been a victim of sexism like most women. I wish she would speak out about it more, but if she did I am sure she would be shunned by a lot of the conservative men she considers her friends. Sad, but true.

  3. The seventh comandment


    Telling the DA "To snap out of it"

    Jasmine Owens

    Unbelievable political double standards

    Claiming to be an independent woman but playing the gender card when it'd to her advantage

    Ann Coulter wanna be