Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Belling's At It Again. What Else Is Old?

From James Rowen:
During his anti-Summerfest monologue Monday in the wake of its decision to remove a violent US Army game from this year's festival, WISN-AM 1130 talker and self-described jilted Summerfest sycophant Mark Belling listed all the apparently unappreciated "water-carrying" he done for the Summerfest.

Including this odd, racially-charged bit of 'defense' for Summerfest:

"It's decision to eliminate virtually all Black groups," Belling said, in favor of acts that appealed to what he called "Oldfogeyville."

Hey, Summerfest: How's all that sitting with you?

I don't know which is more telling: That WISN and Clear Channel keep racist idiots like Belling on staff, or that there is not more of an outrage about the continuous onslaught from the likes of Belling. Are people getting so used to this kind of crap that they have become numb to it?

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