Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Wonder How Sykes Will Twist This

As we all know, Charlie Sykes has issues with reality, especially when it doesn't conform with his view of the world.

One of the most recent displays was the way he tried to spin Michael Mathias' writings in this hack job regarding the way that the U.S. Army was glorifying war in order to recruit kids.

Today, Michael has put up two posts that concern Iraq.

In the first one, Michael has a link and cites some text from Think Progress, including these paragraphs:
“If bin Laden takes over and becomes king of Saudi Arabia, he’d turn off the tap,” said Roger Diwan, a managing director of the Petroleum Finance Company, a consulting firm in Washington. “He said at one point that he wants oil to be $144 a barrel” — about six times what it sells for now.

Bin Laden didn’t have to become king of Saudi Arabia to achieve his goal; in fact, Bush’s policies delivered it for him. The Bush administration’s catastrophic decision to invade Iraq, sink the nation into debt to pay for that war, and consequently, weaken the dollar have all caused oil prices to soar astronomically.

So, how's that war going for us, Charlie?

In the second post, Michael connects us to a much more somber and tragic story:
PINEHURST, N.C. A former Army medic made famous by a photograph that showed him carrying an injured Iraqi boy during the first week of the war has died of an apparent overdose, police said.

Joseph Patrick Dwyer died last week at a hospital in Pinehurst, according to the Boles Funeral Home. He was 31.


His mother said the military could have done more to help with post-traumatic stress. "He just couldn't get over the war," Maureen Dwyer said. "He just couldn't do it. Just wasn't Joseph. Joseph never came home."

His wife, Matina, said: "He was just never the same when he came back, because of all the things he saw. ... He tried to seek treatment, but it didn’t work."

Hey, Charlie, tell us again how glorious this f-ing war is again.

Ah, but knowing Sykes, he will probably just ignore this sad story. He can't let reality get in the way of spreading his propaganda.

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