Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Like Putting Lipstick On A Pig

The Brawler has had a series of posts pointing out the errors in the thinking of Rick Esenberg, and the double standard that Esenberg has been applying as of late. The most recent one has to do with Esenberg's take on Captain Blowhard, aka Charlie Sykes.

Brawler gives us Esenberg's generous take on Sykes, and then adds his own astute views:

I don't know ... but when I listen to Charlie Sykes I hear him:
  • call people lined up at the Coggs Center for free food vouchers moochers and
    suggest they're all chiselers
  • say Milwaukee voters (i.e. blacks) will vote to require private employers
    offer sick days because they're shiftless
  • read a story of some teens robbing a Wauwatosa family and conclude by asking
    if people seriously believes a summer jobs program would have stopped them (this
    was some years ago)
  • categorically reject any argument that economics have played a role in the
    central city's meltdown and instead blame it on the "culture" or people just not
    taking responsibility for their lives
  • use the tragic drowning of a child at a family pool party at a downtown
    hotel to riff on the sickness of the "culture" yet ignore the story of a
    Waterford girl who nearly drowned at a house party

And so on.

The Brawler allows that Charlie Sykes has some compassion for inner city
crime victims. But the Brawler also suggests that he's more concerned with
trundling out right wing talking points (Charles Murray, your office is calling)
or stoking the flames of self-righteous indignation among his listeners in
Oconomowoc. You know: entertainment.

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