Monday, July 14, 2008

Does McIlheran Have Memory Loss Or Is It Just Hypocrisy?

Poor old PaddyMac. He must have received a nasty bump on the head during his absence, and now is suffering memory loss. Either that, or it's just the same old hypocrisy from the right wing squawkers.

PaddyMac points out to a post from The Crusader, which is critical of some of the abhorrent comments left by the left regarding the passing of Tony Snow. And they are correct, to a degree. While I had no use for Snow while he was alive, I did not feel the need to disrespect him in his passing. And I also find some of the vulgar comments that they have highlighted as being rather distasteful and completely inappropriate.

However, when they seem to feel that the left has a corner on the market of distasteful hatred, Paddy seems to come up a wee bit short in the honesty department.

Perhaps he forgot about his good buddy Sykes had his COEXIST scandal, in which Charlie thought it was "brilliance" and "genius" to insult two out of three of the world's major religions. This bigoted behavior is something that Paddy himself had participated in as well.

Or perhaps Paddy has forgotten that he actually came to the defense of Peter, who had the peaceful, appropriate language of making threats towards another blogger, in the most base language available and who had compared Islam to Nazism. In fact, Paddy called Peter's bigoted, insulting and vulgar writings as "refreshingly caustic and pungent" and did not seem the least put off by these types of writings.

Memory loss or hypocrisy. Either way, I still can't figure out why this guy calls himself a professional.


  1. Does it have to be either or? Can't it be both?

  2. There was no respect for Snow in my house before or after he died . Why is it that we are supposed to be nice to the dead ReThugs? What's the point? I suppose it's that "serious" meme. If you use a swear word, appropriately in my view, in describing a dead flack, you are just not a serious person. Fuck that, I say. After all, every DFH I know was right about Iraq, but try finding one on the serious news shows.