Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Summerfest compromise

Summerfest, which took a courageous stand on Tuesday and shut down an Army game which allowed teens to virtually kill people from a Humvee, took a step back after getting some heat.

The new compromise re-opened the game but replaced people's images with inanimate targets.

Reaction is mixed. Charlie Sykes, while crowing that he's responsible for the change, is still unhappy that Summerfest would even speak to a peacenik.

My take is that, while the fest tried to do the right thing, it has buckled to Army, right-wing and corporate pressure, as evidence by its boot-licking statement about how the Army is Summerfest's best friend. Read it here.

Michael Mathias, who first wrote about the Peace Action campaign to stop the killing game, says that Summerfest still deserves our thanks for trying to do what's right.

And Jim Rowen writes about Charlie Sykes's tantrum this morning, claiming Summerfest has capitulated to moonbats, including yours truly. So maybe Mathias is right.

What's your take?


  1. I'm not sure the Army should be blamed at all. They are what they are and they did make adjustments when asked.

    And, I do think thanks should still be doled out to Summerfest. Summerfest has already been hearing enough crap from the right-wing toadies.

  2. They better not cancel Lucinda Williams.