Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Knock on Woodheads

The woodwork is bursting regarding the Virtual War display and Charlie Syke's post. Here are some comments left at Charlie's place.

From Dianne Emmerich:

It's interesting that the peaceniks are so concerned about this "violence" and Summerfest panders to them, but neither are concerned about the hundreds of people that are overserved and leave the festival drunk on their arses only to get into a car and become lethal weapons on the ride home or to the next bar. Summerfest will get no more patronage from me.

Good idea. Uncaring liberal voices everywhere, let's all unite and ban the serving of beer at Summerfest. Sheesh.

From María Negrón Piñero:

As a very religious, very patriotic, very Puertorrican, very American, very conservative person I have only one comment: How sad! Let us remember the song “…I am proud to be an American…” and stand by those who defend us, our rights, our freedom, our peace, our lives and even the oppressed from other counties. God bless America, our arm forces and all of us!!!

I got all weepy-eyed just reading that. Sniff, can't we all just get along?

And finally from Amy P.:

I would like to know - for you peace groups and lefty bloggers out there - if war is "not the answer", is there nothing in your lives worth fighting for? Not your freedoms? Not your loved ones? Not your homes, your jobs, your lives? If that's the case, it speaks VOLUMES about how sad and pathetic the anti-war position is. "War is not the answer"? It depends on the question...and in the case of Islamic facism, Nazism, Communism war *is* the only way to ensure our peace and freedom.


In any case, you left out another question ... what about illegal wars? And another: What about fighting the erosion of personal liberties and rights? How about: Not wanting to expose our childrens to virtual violence.

And finally, a number of commenters got all bent out of shape because the video game Grand Theft Auto can be played at Summerfest. Way to stand up for your rights.


  1. Thanks to Sykes, Summerfest is getting a lot of negative calls on this. Please take a minute to thank them for doing the right thing. They need to hear from us. The number is 414-273-2680

  2. Did already. Thanks, Bill. And kudos to Summerfest for doing the correct thing.

  3. It's good to see folks on the left "flexing their muscles" a little bit, especially after the whole Bill Maher incident.

  4. You can't win: Rush Limbaugh's $400 million contract
    So you shut them down: The US Army Exhibit.

    Classic Liberal (oops, "Progressive") tolerance.

  5. Um, Tom? That makes even less sense than your usual.

    So The Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh gets rich feeding tripe and pap to the gullible? What does that have to do with the Army making a predicted compromise at a Music Festival?

    I'm sure that the Splatter-A-Shia version is perfectly acceptable at gun shows and drag races and that America's Army will get good use out of it. It's just inappropriate for this venue. The first rule of Marketing is "Know your customer," and the Army's marketing team, at least, has a strategy.