Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hopefully, It Was Just Writer's Block

Of all the squawkers that we cover here at Whallah!, Patrick McIlheran is usually the most intelligent by far. He's usually dead wrong on almost every subject, but at least he can use his own words (for the most part), and do so with multisyllabic words, that don't include blatant bigotry (lots of codewords, but usually not as blatant as the rest).

So you can imagine my surprise when he looks to one of the worst bloggers for inspiration for a blog post.

As a small condolence, at least Fischer didn't write the post, just linked to it. If he was actually using one of Fischer's posts as the source, and not just a channel to the source, I would be forced to take away the small benefit of the doubt I afford Paddy now.

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