Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Charlie's Right! The Media Is In The Tank

Sykes is parroting the McCain whine this morning about the Press attention on Senator Obama.

Nevermind for a moment that one campaign is doing campaigny things and the other seems to have pulled back into their little bunker to whine about how unfair it all is.

Nevermind for a moment that McCain has had a decade of soft-focus press and revelled in the jellied lens of maverickness.

Charlie says that the media has a man-crush on one of the candidates and I offer proof that he's right. I have a picture of a media man so sycophantic, so unblushing that it proves Charlie's point beyond any doubt.


  1. That's Charley enabling the Journal Company to deliver its in-kind donation to the GOP.

  2. Given all the stupid things McCain has been saying over the last week or so, they should shut up and be grateful that the corporate media is focusing most of its attention on Obama right now.