Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sykes Is Just Hopeless

Six months ago, there was some talk about whether talk radio was on its way to the media graveyard. The theory was that with McCain becoming the presumed Republican candidate for presidency, despite all the squawking of the squawkers, that talk radio was no longer effective.

At the time, I had stated that the feckless squawkers would just flip-flop, like McCain, and would continue on like nothing happened.

Of course, I was correct. Sort of.

Talk radio is still alive, but it is not well and kicking.

It appears that squawkers, like our own litttle Chuckles, has been reduced to mewling about the popularity of Senator Barack Obama, while they desperately scramble around to find something, anything from the McCainiacs to crow about.

But being the squawkers that they are, all they end up doing is laying big goose eggs.

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