Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whallah! Around The World

Let's take a look at how others are doing their own Whallah!'s, shall we?

First up, Bert at folkbum's rambles and rants takes on the great Rush "Into" Limbo. Although the pill-popper isn't part of the local right wing media, they are all interchangeable anyway, and Bert's write up is a compelling analysis.

Greg at Blogging Blue, who forgets that he is supposed to be helping out here, while I am busy with an ever-growing number of other projects, has a suggestion for the next objet de selective outrage. According to one of his commenters, Sykes already did a piece on it, but Zach's last comment is worth the read:
I try not to listen to conservative talk radio, because I have to listen to bullshit all day at my job; I don’t want to listen to it on the radio too.

Illy-T, an all around wordsmith if ever there was one, takes on the blackguard McIlheran on the word "thug."

And we end our tour of the Whallahsphere with a stop by James Rowen's place, where he shows us the weaknesses which is inherent to the local hate-talk radio, including this nice summary:
This Milwaukee AM righty radio crew comes across as a bunch of bitter complainers, usually with a predictable, over-lapping group of targets:

Big Guvmint, big cities, Democrats, the Journal Sentinel, and an assortment of liberals, environmentalists and other Friends of the Earth.

Station managers are making money with these interchangeable, talking parts, but the righty talk radio monotone on WTMJ and WISN, Milwaukee's two leading AM stations, has driven away a substantial percentage of the general public that doesn't define itself as ideologically right-wing.


  1. capper, to be fair, the entry you linked to at Blogging Blue was written by Greg...I can't take the credit for that.

  2. Duly noted and corrected. Thanks for the heads up, and all due apologies to Greg.