Thursday, July 17, 2008

The New Mickey

First, we were entertained by the McBridean acolyte, John. But then McBride closed up shop and we were deprived.

Then we were entertained by mickey, but he as been banned from a variety of sites, and seems to have disappeared. Again, we were deprived.

But cheer yourself, for all is not lost. We have found one that is grooming himself to be new "Chosen One."

His name is Gus. He has commented here and there on the conservative type of blogs. Here is some of his work. As you will see, he is really starting to hit his stride.

From a post regarding a conservative blogger's misinterpretation of an Obama quote, Gus responds to our friend Jay Bullock, who has been trying to bring a voice of reason to the discussion:

Folkswagen, your tired liberal rhetorical dodge is tedious. It's all been done before. You actually responded to Roseindigo with one of the most nonsensical lib pieces of pap that I could ever imagine. Folko, you said......."rose, the Peace Corps actually has a lot to do with national security". Folko, are you high on something? What you posted is nonsense. Again my friend no offense, but you living on a different planet.Rock on dude.
Later in the same comment thread:

Mr.Folkdoom, you don't think, you emote. Your world is fantasy island. Again my dear friend, no offense, but you aren't mature yet. You believe crap that is beyond belief. Obama says total garbage and you hear the Gettysburg address.....because you WANT to believe.
Jay Folkblossom, Obama is a con man. He is a manipulative phony. He isn't bright, he doesn't have experience at anything except running his mouth. But running his mouth has been his ace in the hole. People like you Mr. Folkbuns, want to believe in him. You are desperate to find a black man to make your world complete. You need to prove your moral superiority in 2 ways. One, you spend others money on failed causes. 2 you need to show others that you are not racist and are morally superior to everyone else.
You're not J. You're just another government paycheck liberal who
pretends.Someday I'd love to see you play your guitar and sing.

Gus hits mickey/John nirvana later in another comment thread about a political cartoon:

Debra, O'baaaaa baaaa "black sheep", understands the P.C. world of racial politics.
In Barry O's audio books, (printed tripe as well), he tells of his ability to CON whitey. He says that he knows how to make Whitey not distrust or fear his "blackness". He is a manipulative, oppurtunistic, racial demogogue.
Again, Debra, Barry O's own words give a glimpse into his character. Barry, speaks candidly of his Hawaii experience and he openly displays his own RACIAL bigotry. He describes how he "placates and panders to" white people. He IN HIS OWN WORDS, describes how he taps into the White persons bigotry and turns it to his advantage.
Obama isn't a disadvantaged "African-American" kid. There is nothing about Obama that relates to the African-American culture such as it exists in America today. He isn't a "brutha". He has contemplated, and purposely "manipulated" his skin color, so as to garner the "black/grievance/
Barack Obama is a complete and utter fraud.
But, millions WANT TO BELIEVE.
Obama is not an honest man. He is not qualified nor experienced in any
facet required to lead our nation and the free world.
None of that matters to those who are not logical and mature.
Frankly, Obama isn't anything but a side show, with willing buyers.


  1. I was kind of partial to Folkswagen.

  2. I would still rather have "God Emperor of Dune," but whatev.

  3. Wait! Weren't you you and your buddies upset with me for daring to link to your blog under your real name the other day?

    I guess we can just call it Sunshine Week at BNN.

  4. I can't speak for the rest of the knights, Cindy but the only thing I've been upset with you about was calling me "mostly harmless."

    Unless it was a conscious riff on Adams then I'm pickled tink.

  5. Um, let's see. Three different bloggers, using one name that may or may not be their real name and no links. Compared to full name and lots of links in a gratuitous, opportunistic outing, that really had nothing to do with the gist of the post. Yeah, I can see where the confusion could come from.