Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sykes Is Haunted By Bogeymen

Last night, I linked to a post done by Illy-T, which pointed out that Sykes and company could do damage to one's mind.

Sykes took umbrage to Illy-T's post, and decided to squawk about it today on his show.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't have an argument he could win with, so he invented a whole new bogeyman to drive fear into the hearts of his listeners.

During his paranoid rant, he started to complain about the Fairness Doctrine, even though not one blogger had mentioned it.

Luckily for me, I got to my destination before he was done, so I didn't have to listen to the whole slew of garbage he was trying to sling. But to Charlie's credit, he did say that he was ashamed that Savage was a conservative squawker, and that he found Savage would often go over the line.

However, Charlie then through any credibility away in a classic Sykesian maneuver. While stating that he was disappointed in Savage, there would be no way he would ever condone censorship or limiting anyone's free he was cutting off and hanging up on a liberal caller that was disproving his arguments.

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  1. The absolute funniest part of Sykes program was when the gentleman was defeating Sykes argument. Sykes said, "My program will never be in favor of limiting free speech..." as he cut the guy off from speaking, disconnected the phone call, and then, with nobody on the line, pretended that he was winning the discussion.