Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who are the 'morally weak?'

Owen "Old Lady" Robinson rates the candidates for the Waukesha Freeman in an election roundup column:
[State Sen. Alberta] Darling has always been a middling Republican. Her fiscal record is solidly conservative, but she’s pro-choice and overly sympathetic to the morally weak.
"Morally weak" is clearly a code phrase. But for what?

People who are so morally weak they don't have any money?

They commit crimes?

They have sex outside of holy matrimony? Do it with people of their own gender? Get abortions?

Some would say it's a sign of moral weakness, or lack of morals, to engage in torture, or to engage in unjustified war that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Maybe what he means is that Darling supports George Bush, Dick Cheney and the Iraq war.

But, somehow, I don't think so.

What's your theory?


  1. Afterthought: Is this fodder for Sheldon Wasserman's campaign. Negative mailer: "Alberta Darling: Soft on the morally weak."

  2. It's "Ol' Lady."

    - Owen

  3. Morally weak. Shades of Frederick Nietsche.

    Thus Spake Atle Frau Robinson.

  4. Owen:

    Duly noted.

    Care to elaborate on the morally weak?