Friday, August 22, 2008

Bar Talk

Throw in the high-falutin' ways of outgoing UW Chancellor John Wiley and out pops astute observations from that which is the Charlie Sykes audience.
9:56 AM Whitefish Bay Mike wrote ...
I'm not a business owner, but when I look at WMC I see a group devoted to making Wisconsin a great place in which to work, live and do business. To have our Governor be against such a noble group of people is alarming.

9:48 AM Kurt/Elkhorn wrote ...
All the college degrees in the world don't give you practical experience. An engineer who never leaves the drafting room never knows how it really works because all he knows is theory, not unexpected conditions. Maybe Mr.Wiley needs some time in the real world. Education gives basic concepts to learn from, not superior knowledge gained by dirtying your hands.

7:19 AM Dan Baggott wrote ...
Mr. Wiley should keep his mouth shut especially with wasteful spending in the UW-System. Some of these academics are only book smart with paper degrees but when it comes to common sense and logic they are dumb as a doorknob.

6:47 AM Kevin Binversie wrote ...
I read that yesterday and the only thought after I shrugged it off to "Wiley shoulda stayed a Physics Professor..." was "What do you expect from a man who saw the business community as a cash cow to be milked, not as the potential future employers of his school's graduates?"
That oughta learn Wiley for opening his liberal pie hole.

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  1. I don't know about the others, but I have seen Binversie's comments before and I could not help but feel sorrow there is no cure for self-inflicted frontal lobotomies.