Thursday, August 28, 2008

Charlie Snide Sykes

Amusing. Despite receiving a handful of mean emails from libs, Charlie Sykes bravely will continue to call Barack Obama "The One," he told his listeners today.

Uncommon valour, indeed.

Chuck also read from a message he received from someone who doesn't like his use of the term "The One." Chuck was quite careful to point out where the letter writer used all caps and pointed out his misspellings. In fairness, Chuck usually passes Scott Walker's subliterate emails without editing as well.

Demonstrating the 7th grade sense of humor that makes him an intellectual giant among Milwaukee's right, Chuck pointed out the message writer said Obama supporters are "hungary" for change. Chuck, tumescent at his own wit, told his listeners how he wrote back to tell him that "Hungary" is a country.

Will Chuck go on to inform McCain that Czechoslovakia is not a country, that Iran is in fact tiny compared to the former Soviet Union, that Iran is not training al Quaeda and educate him on the difference between Suunis and Shi'ites (and maybe fill him in on the intertubes as well)?

Can't wait.

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  1. I am so glad that you are recovering from your fever, my friend.