Saturday, August 16, 2008

Double Down on Stupidity

First off, thanks capper for drawing me away from a crunch project I'm cranking out.

But running that weekly dose of Michael Ramirez, one of the biggest troglodytes on the Journal editorial pages who is second only to the bird brain that gives us the uber-whinny cry-baby Mallard Fillmore, made me hit the brakes and give another whack to this dead horse.

One wonders. Could there be a bigger idiot in all of editorial cartooning than Michael Ramirez? If there is a cheap shot or a bone-headed dumb point, Ramirez cannot resist the temptation to subject it to extraordinary rendition.

Conservatives have got to ponder if rather than thinking that the Journal is providing them with a service, they are actually holding up this stuff for ridicule, much like the inadvertently funny Jonah Goldberg.

But as Charlie's blog proves you can be the lowest of the low intellectually, such as the renowned Michelle Malkin, and find a place in his pantheon.

Now to the quick point on the cartoon. For those of you who don't want to subject your eyes the scrawl makes the point that we are at the mercy of Putin and company, particularly per the Georgia invasion, because we have to buy their oil as Democrats refuse to drill here and now.

Did Ramirez, or Sykes that matter, ever think that with the time it would take -- as per the US Department of Energy -- to extract and set up the distribution system for this petrol, that Putin could have Russkie troops in and out of the Republic of Georgia say maybe 20 times?

In other words the point of the cartoon is utterly stupid and puerile.

If Charlie's readers think that this passes for public policy, they may not have noticed that their collective intelligences are being insulted.

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