Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sykes: Liar or Idiot?

Our own Brew City Brawler, who apparently had too many mai tais in his day, and forgot he has priveleges here, makes me work harder by pointing out his latest disection of our own Sykes, ending with this:
One wonders whether Chuck was even aware of this. If not, he's talking about stuff he doesn't understand. If he did, he's a liar (one who distorts or invents facts). In any event, this brief, nonfactual comment delivered with smug, nasal authority, is a perfect synedoche for Sykesland: It's an apparently imposing, logically and solidly built stronghold of conservatism until, upon closer inspection, you see that the walls are made of bricks made of nothing but truthiness that fall at the blast of a kazoo.

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