Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What The Real Losers Wear

Both Sykes and McIlheran link to Badger Blogger, which has a post that includes a video that someone took to Burlington Coat Factory, to videotape shirts that have old Soviet symbols on them.

For the life of me, I don't understand why anyone would want such a piece of clothing, unless they were going for shock value.

I also don't understand why someone would take the time to get outraged about these shirts, while they ignore this shirt, this shirt, this shirt, or any of these shirts.

Oh, yeah, now I remember. Selective outrage.

There's more to the story on the Other Side.


  1. Seriously, before getting yer knickers in a twist about the Confederate battle flag, ya might want to learn something about it first. Having pride in Southern heritage is not a bad thing. Contrary to what y'all lefty Yankees want to believe, that War had very little to do with slavery. Git over it!


  2. Your side lost, Kate. Git over it. And, the descendants of the former slaves don't take kindly to your battle flag. Enough of a reason me thinks for its disuse.

    Come to think of it, I'll bet there are few that take kindly to the old German WWII war flags. Are they supposed to get over it, too?

  3. Hey...I'm not the one who is still 'fighting'. And the Nazis have what to do with 1861-1865?

    Ever spend any REAL time in the south? I mean the real south...not that crap you see on TV, not the bigger cities, full of 'carpetbaggers'. Meet the people, black and white? You'd be surprised...not that many folks even think about it, much less worry about it. Yeah, there are a lot of flags flying...the one that flies the highest? The US flag!

  4. So Kate, do you take pride in slavery? I'm just wondering, since that's as much a part of "Southern Heritage" as the Confederate battle flag.

  5. Do you? Cuz it's just as much a part of NORTHERN history as well.

    Which state legitimized slavery first? Massachusetts.

    The north insisted slaves were property, where as the south insisted they were human beings.

    And, since odds are, a few of MY ancestors were slaves, I should I feel about it? The Seminoles were pretty good at helping runaway slaves, and of course, there was a little mingling. :)

  6. What you say may be true, but the north is not the one that called it a state right and fought for it.

    Nothing wrong with pride in southern heritage, but I would pick a much better thing to be proud of than that.

  7. Now see, everytime I start thinking you are smart, ya go and say something like that. sigh... :)

    State's rights was NOT about slavery. Very few people had slaves, and it was already being fazed out of the economy.

    Oh, and that flag was from the Northern VA folks. Just in case ya weren't aware.

  8. I've lived in the south, and I knew people there, too, who were unhappy about people still flying the Confederate battle flag.

    Look, there's nothing wrong with being a proud southerner. I like lots of things about the south--it's gorgeous, has good food, mostly friendly folks. But that flag, whether you like it or not, is very much tied up in association with a government that vehemently supported the institution of slavery. The North wasn't so hot about racism, either, but the overall fight and their victory did bring slavery to an end.

    If you want to fly a flag for southern pride, why not your state flag? And why not take the damn battle jack out of your state flag if it has it? Clearly it's deeply offensive to a number of folks, southern and northern, black and white alike, so why not just move on to something less controversial?

  9. Oh and, State's Rights was about slavery. Not 100%, no, but it was part of it. The vast majority of regular southern folk didn't own slaves, but the vast majority of the ruling, wealthy elite did, and it was in their vested interest to rile up the regular folk to fight for "State's Rights" - providing the convenient bogeyman of the (rather blundering) North for them to hate, so that they could maintain their status quo.

    Look, the South's entire economy was built on the back of slave labor. They were not "phasing it out" - if they had been, the transition to a non-slave labor economy might have been a bit smoother after the war. As it was, though, things went to shit for a long time.

    As is the case in so many wars, on both sides, the working class was duped into fighting for the interests of the wealthy.

  10. I didn't say Nazi, Kate. I said German battle flags that groups still fly in honor of the German military, which was just a bit complicit in the reign of terror. What the two have in common is there are people who abhor the flying of the German flags (Jews, Poles, Russians, etc.) just as former slave descendants and those who believe that a legacy of racism should not be glorified abhor the Confederate flag.

    The REAL South got rid of the Confederate flag a long time ago and placing it below the US flag still does not change the fact it's flying.

    btw: I have relatives there and I have worked there. I am not unfamiliar with the region.

  11. States rights means just that. The state has the right to decide, NOT the fed'ral gubmint. And we're still having problems with them over this one. Self determination. What's good for the goose is not always good for the gander y'know.

    The "REAL" south? sigh...

    Well, I can see no matter what I say, y'all are going to believe what you want to believe.