Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Easy Cuts

Kevin's right. It's time to cut the fat.
If a budget item is unaffordable, serious consideration should be given to dumping it. The well (the taxpayers) has been tapped too often and too much. There isn’t as much to give anymore.
Part-time legislators don't need full time staff. It's time for Kevin to practice what he pontificates and make the cut of his own salary. Take one for the team, Kevin, and take one with you, please.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Kev is in an unusual situation as a multi-media giant and part time Belling backup.

    You see the very power of being a talk show host and general know it all, is that you never have to actually put your ideas into practice, and you never have to participate in a forum which is fair, in other words, one where you don't choose your opponents, and have control over the mute button if you have underestimated your caller.

    Therefore Kev tries to imitate Belling and Sykes, but really can't because intelligent folks like Capper can simply say, "Why don't you practice what you preach?"

    I guess Kev can call on belt tightening in local government, but feels the state which authors his paycheck is right on track, doing a fine job, and in no need of finding dead wood with jobs so unnessesary that the holders of such postiions can simply tailor their schedules around any time Belling wants to take a Friday off...such as this Friday, for instance.

    The funny part of that is this, that Belling often critisizes government employees for never being around on Friday afternoons. It's a running gag.

    Here's holding my breath, and passing out, waiting for Belling to hold his own backup to the standards of working for the public good that he holds the rest of the unwashed masses to.