Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Kevin Fischer Will Never Be Taken Seriously

It's beause he writes willfully stupid stuff.

There's room for dealing with Senator Edwards' behavior from whatever viewpoint you'd like to argue but what does his wife's reaction and Christian forgiveness have to do with Liberal or Conservative?


  1. The former Mrs. McCain continues to stand by her former man, as well. I wonder what that says about the conservative mindset for Fischer. Go fetch?

  2. So what, forgiveness is now a bad thing?

  3. I thought he wouldn't be taken seriously because he keeps sniveling like a little kid.

    Don't forget Mrs. Vitter and Mrs. Craig. I doubt anyone would call their husbands as liberal.

    Perhaps Fischer was just a wee bit inebriated when he wrote that?

  4. The Vitter reference is a great excuse to bring this out --