Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Does He Do That?

Sykes this morning was going on a wild rant full of self-contradiction, hypocrisy and outright lies regarding the whole Georgia/Russia affair that is going on.

First he talked about how great McCain was for standing up for the Georgian people, and that his words brought them such great comfort. Yet this is the same guy that got his panties in a bundle about Obama doing a speech in Germany. In fact, the right wing is still in a tizzy about the whole thing. So much so that they are going to the extreme of violating Godwin's Law.

He went on how the liberals should be ashamed of ever trusting Russia, and that McCain's machismo is why people should vote for him in November. Sykes however failed to mention that it was Bush, who is hardly a liberal, was the one that peered into Putin's eyes and liked what he saw. He also willfully neglected to tell his audience about McCain's chief foreign policy advisor is on the take from Georgia. You can read about all of Bush's and McCain's cognitive dissonance at my other home, Cognitive Dissidence.

How Sykes can be so hypocritical and blatantly lie to such an extreme, and not have his head explode is beyond me. Jay Bullock believes that it is the right wing's campaign strategy to be full of double talk, which would explain why Sykes' head hasn't imploded. For me, I'm thinking it's the hair spray.

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  1. I have it on good authority from an individual with ties in the upper reaches of the Russian military that Putin is every bit the equal of Bush. He rose from nothing to exploit politican conditions to become one of the richest men in the world through oil manipulation.

    Perhaps that is why Bush did not recognize Putin for the fetid wolverine that he is...kinship.

    Now, imagine how rediculous Bush must look to Russia as he adminishes them for "invading a sovereign nation and killing civilians."

    However, in my discussion with my contact, we did agree that these two are uniquely suited to stumble and bumble us into world war three.